Ion Pump use in Industry and Manufacturing

Ion pump technology is used wherever ultra high vacuum components are produced, or where essential devices and components must be maintained under vacuum.

For over three decades, J.B. Anderson & Son, Inc. has been refining the technology of our appendage ion pump to attain ultra high vacuums that have user friendly, compact modular systems.

Because the manufacturing process for our pumps and all of their components is maintained in-house, the quality control is exceptional, making MODION® Ion Pumps the ultra high vacuum pump of choice for a global market, including high-tech industries in the USA and Japan.

Our ion pumps are used in the following industries and processes:

Medical Industry

Electron beam devices and linear accelerators are both common and essential components of radiological imaging and therapy equipment in today's medical environment.


Electron beam processing, including uses in microbial sterilization and pathogen control require ultra-high vacuum in the production of electron beam accelerators.


From today's smart weapons and electronic warfare to conventional radars and missile guidance systems, the production of high-tolerance microwave tubes is essential.

Nano Technology

This fast growing niche of engineering and industrial science requires electron beam technology to arrange ions and atoms in the production of nano-structures.


Radiographic testing, heat treating, plastic welding, and food processing are a few of the industrial processes where ion pumps aid in the production of X-ray tube devices or maintain ultra high vacuums.


Fancy Pumps
Today's high data rate transmission and broadband systems, as well as microwave links and satellite require ultra-high vacuum both in testing and development of reliable UHV components.

Space Exploration

Ultra high vacuum chambers are used for space simulation. Among the lightest, most durable, reliable, and compact ion pumps in production today, MODION® Ion Pumps are also space flight ready.