Ultra-High Vacuum Environments

MODION® Ion Pumps are used wherever ultra-high vacuum applications are required.

Ion pumps can attain pressures in the ultra high vacuum range, making them an excellent choice to supplement other UHV pumps such as turbomolecular pumps and well trapped diffusion pumps.

Because they have no moving parts and use no oil, ion pumps offer a clean, vibration free pumping solution that needs little or no maintenance.

  • MODION® ion pumps offer high-performance solutions matching the requirements of Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) and Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)
  • Sensitive instrumentation including types of mass spectrometers and surface analysis systems require ultra-high vacuum pumping
  • Particle accelerators, focused ion beam systems, and other high-tolerance laboratory applications require reliable ion pump systems
  • Industry uses MODION® ion pumps in the production of Microwave and Radio Frequency tubes employed in processes such as heat treating, plastic welding, food processing, textile manufacture
  • Electron guns for electron beam (e-beam) sterilization
  • Vacuum Chambers for sample transfer and space simulation
  • UHV laboratory equipment
  • Well suited for space flight based experimentation due to small envelope and mass
  • Optics – perfect for observatory telescope optics, and ccd cameras
  • Ion Pumps are critical to space and telecommunications systems
  • Medical manufacturers rely on ion pumps for medical imaging technology, including radiological equipment such as X-Ray devices, radiation therapy, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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