Modular Ion Pump Systems


This small, lightweight, portable ion pump/gauge unit represents another approach to the familiar appendage pump. Its compact design allows the high voltage modular power supply, ion pump, and the display module to be assembled into a single inter-connected unit with a mass as low as 318gm and size as small as less than 5 inches in overall length. A four decade, easy to read bar graph meter display and a 0-5VDC analog signal during normal operations, and continuously monitors the level of vacuum within the pump.

The MODION® Pump/Gauge may be operated from several power sources for fixed or
portable operation:

  • The standard Model 110/220VAC switchable wall adapter.
  • Operation from batteries (12VDC) to provide backup or portable operation. This mode can permit complete portability during processing, storage and shipping of a user’s vacuum device.
  • The pump portion of MODION® may be operated remotely via HV cable from J.B.A’s HVPS (high voltage power supply). note: using the MODION® with a non-J.B.A. power supply voids the 1 year limited warranty)

Modular Power Supply


  • Pump Unit Applied Voltage: +3500 VDC +/-20%
  • Maximum Bake Out Temp: 300C when protected against atmospheric oxidation of seals
  • Modular Power Supply Wall Adapter Input Voltage (Pin 3): +14 to +20VDC (reverse polarity protected).
  • Input Current: 40 to 200 mA.
  • Modular Power Supply Battery Input Voltage:  +12VDC +/-5% (reverse polarity protected)
  • Power Consumption in Battery Operation Mode: 0.5 to 2.4 watts depending on pressure and
    display operation. *see note 1
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0C to 60C

*Note 1: Input current varies over pressure range; ex.200 ma at high pressure; 40 ma at lowest pressure. For maximum battery life, allow the unit to reach minimum pressure before switch over to battery operation.

Connector Pinout

  • Pin 1: +12VDC +/-5% Power supply battery / alternate power input (reverse polarity protected)
  • Pin 2: Return / GND
  • Pin 3: +14 to +20VDC Nominal power input
  • Pin 4: 0 to +10VDC Pressure Monitor output
  • Pin 5: +12VDC +/-5% Display battery / alternate power input (reverse polarity protected)

HVPS R-1800 Remote Power Supply

The compact R-1800 was originally designed as a rugged lightweight power supply for space flight. This commercial unit is an excellent choice or applications which requires a remote power supply.