Ultra High Vacuum Pumps

J.B. Anderson & Son, Inc. has designed the MODION® product line to be as compact and modular as possible, the power supply is integral with the pump. The power supply also serves as a gauge, with the built in LED bar graph clearly displaying from 10-5 to 10-8 Torr. MODION® ion pumps are manufactured using advanced technology processes such as hydrogen brazing, vacuum brazing, pulsed GTAW, and CNC machining. Ion pumps and power supplies contain some or all of the following materials: Titanium, Soft Iron, Austenitic Stainless Steel, OFHC copper, SmCo Magnets, Kovar, Alumina Ceramic, PVC, Lexan, G-10/FR4, Silicone Potting, Aluminum, Inconel, Kapton, Nylon, and Torlon. Materials exposed to vacuum depending on pump model: Austenitic Stainless Steel, Kovar, Inconel X, Monel, Titanium, OFHC Copper, Alumina Ceramic, and Tungsten.

Ion Pump Engineering

For specifications from maximum bake out temperature to the power consumption in battery mode of the modular power supply, visit our Ion Pump Engineering page for more information.

Ion Pump Theory of Operation

Using a strong homogeneous axial magnetic field to create a self-regulating, “sputter” process, MODION® ion pumps efficiently create an ultra-high vacuum. Learn more about the theory of operation behind MODION’s ion pump design, please visit our Ion Pump Operation page.

Ion Pump Applications

MODION® ion pumps can be manufactured as “space flight ready” and are used in many industrial, laboratory, and cutting-edge scientific applications. From electron beam sterilization of beverage bottles to experiments designed for planetary landers, our ion pumps do it all. Learn more on our Ion Pump Applications page.

Industries Served

Wherever ultra-high vacuum systems require the highest-quality, light weight, low maintenance, vibration free ion pumps, MODION® offers an excellent choice for all high-precision laboratory and industrial devices.  Learn more on our Industries Served page.

Maintenance and Service

MODION® ion pumps require little or no maintenance and have an approximate life of 20,000 hours when operated at 10 -6 Torr or lower pressures. The degree of cleanliness and pressure can dramatically increase or decrease the life of the ion pump. The MODION® ion pump power supply is encapsulated and all servicing on it must be performed by the manufacturer. Learn more on our Maintenance and Service page.

For more information please contact us at 724-523-9610 to speak with one of our Ion Pump Technicians, or email us at sales@MODIONvacuum.com.